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How Pokemon Go Eggs Are Changing, For A Limited Time

Niantic Labs didn’t state exactly how long the limited time event will run, but don’t expect it to last too long, given that it will likely only be available for as long as the discount on the Incubators will last. While the event is going on, you’ll likely want to grab up as many new Eggs as possible if you ...

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Cancer, diabetes and heart disease diet: Is THIS the healthiest way to eat your eggs?

Cancer, diabetes and heart disease risk could be reduced by maintaining a healthy weight and reducing inflammation – and eating enough eggs in your diet could be the key. Despite being vilified in past decades as a cholesterol and salmonella risk, they are now a go-to brunch option thanks to their range of health benefits. Rob Hobson, Healthspan’s head of ...

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Pregnant women, OAPs & babies can now safely eat runny eggs 30 years after salmonella fear

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) said its revised advice that those vulnerable to infection could now safely eat raw or lightly cooked eggs produced under the British Lion Code of Practice followed a thorough review of new scientific evidence.  It had previously advised that vulnerable groups should not eat runny eggs because they could contain salmonella bacteria which can cause ...

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