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MMR vaccine side effects do NOT include autism – where the myth came from explained

Scientists recommend giving children the MMR vaccine, after the myth linking the vaccine to autism was quashed. There have been numerous scientific studies that found no link between the vaccine and the developmental disability. Almost 1.3 million children were studied in 2014, to see if the vaccination led to autism. They found the vaccine didn’t have any association with autism ...

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Flu jab 2017: Side effects and possible reactions to the winter injection

Flu jabs are vaccines that protect against infection by the influenza virus, and are administered via an injection. However, the NHS has this week expressed concern that the jab won’t protect the elderly. Sir Malcolm Grant, chairman of NHS England, has revealed that the health service is “more scared than we have ever been” and have predicted they will be ...

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A compound found in coriander and ginger may help protect against the negative effects of radiation exposure.

Plant extracts have long been used for food, cosmetic and medical purposes, from creating drugs to treat serious diseases to essential oils for relaxation and stress-relief. One group of compounds that occur naturally in oils derived from flowers, leaves, fruit and bark are called monoterpenes – these have been used for centuries to create perfumes and essential oils. In recent ...

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The end of statin side effects? THIS 75p breakfast better than drugs to lower cholesterol

Heart disease symptoms could be warded off most effectively by eating a bowl of porridge everyday, says an expert. The popular winter breakfast dish is made from oats, which is the key ingredient for a healthy heart. Oats contain soluble fibre, also known as beta glucan, which have been found by studies to lower cholesterol levels. Cholesterol – while important ...

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Painkiller side effects – THIS common drug could affect your muscles

The TV GP said a study by researchers in Sweden have revealed regularly taking anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen can prevent the muscles growing. Dr Chris said the painkiller can also also reduce muscle strength. The doctor joined hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on This Morning today. He said the study, which was conducted by the Karolinska Institute, looked ...

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