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Watch Sean Bean As A Dangerous Prisoner In Exclusive Clip From 50 Cent's New Drama The Oath

In The Oath, Sean Bean’s Tom Hammond is a dedicated and hard-wired cop who ruthlessly heads up a gang of mostly lawful enforcers. After a deal goes wrong with an undercover FBI agent, Hammond finds himself behind bars (as seen above), which completely removes him from his powerful position. Once he’s released, Tom has only one goal in mind, and ...

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Berlin: The Rules for International TV Drama May Be Changing

While there’s arguably never been a better time for international TV series, a panel of key European players gathering in Berlin on Monday addressed the challenges of developing internationally co-produced dramas for the global market, with a sense that the old rules don’t apply anymore. Look to Norway for proof of that. After years of making dark and brooding crime thrillers that ...

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In 'Betroffenheit,' wrenching tragedy becomes an enlightening dance drama

The German word Betroffenheit has no single equivalent in English. But we can understand it all right — it describes the emotional condition that Canadian actor and theater director Jonathon Young experienced after his young daughter, niece and nephew died in 2009 in an accidental fire. Shocked, wordless, traumatized. Stuck in a looping, neverending hell. That was his Betroffenheit. It’s ...

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Crime drama 'Honor Up' revisits the '90s with uninspired results

Although he’s attempted to instill some street cred by casting rappers Cam’ron, Smoke DZA and Murda Mook, along with veteran actor Nicholas Turturro as a tough-guy police interrogator, Dash, who, along with Jay-Z was a former Roc-A-Fella Records principal, languidly lays it all down against the same tired beats. Let’s block ads! (Why?) … ENTERTAINMENT – Los Angeles Times

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The Smashing Pumpkins Reunion Is Already Filled With Drama

In 1999, founding Smashing Pumpkins bassist D’arcy Wretzky played her final shows with the band on its The Arising! tour. Amid turmoil within the band, she parted ways with Smashing Pumpkins during the recording of its fifth studio album Machina/The Machines of God. While the band has undergone various iterations in the years since, rumors began swirling in recent months ...

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Eminem And Ed Sheeran Dial Up The Drama In First ‘River’ Video Teaser

Eminem is wishing fans an “Unhappy Valentine’s Day” this week. On Monday (February 12), Em shared the first look at his new video for the Ed Sheeran-featuring Revival cut, “River.” The song’s lyrics deal with abortion, infidelity, and dysfunctional relationships — not exactly your lightest topics — and it looks like the video’s going to adopt a fittingly dramatic tone. ...

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