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Marvel Heroes Is Shutting Down

Everything sounds great on paper and the game garnered many fans, but apparently things weren’t going so smoothly behind the scenes. Marvel/Disney made the announcement official this week via email, letting players know that the game would be coming to a close. An update sent to Kotaku goes a step further, letting folks know that the closure will come sometime ...

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Fake Skin Care Ads That Used Kim Kardashian, Dr. Oz and More Shut Down, Defendants Ordered to Pay $6.4 Million

The Federal Trade Commission has taken action against a vast network of internet marketers who misled consumers. According to a statement obtained by ET from the FTC, three men — Richard Fowler, Ryan Fowler and Nathan Martinez — were allegedly behind the scam, which deceived consumers into believing they were ordering “free trials” of skincare products and dietary supplements. These men control 19 companies, ...

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Breaking it Down: 'The Mindy Project' showrunner talks about the show's 'compromised' happily ever after

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