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Justice Department, AT&T-Time Warner Outline Strategies in Pre-Trial Briefs

WASHINGTON — The Department of Justice plans to argue that AT&T’s proposed merger with Time Warner will harm the competition, including that the merged company will have the incentive to coordinate with Comcast to withhold content from nascent online rivals. That was one of a number of lines of argument featured in a pre-trial brief filed late Friday, and immediately ...

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Justice Department to Sue to Block AT&T-Time Warner Merger

WASHINGTON — The Department of Justice has scheduled an afternoon press call to announce a lawsuit to block AT&T’s plans to merge with Time Warner, according to a source familiar with the matter. The lawsuit will be filed Monday afternoon, the source said. The DOJ was holding a press call with reporters on Monday afternoon to discuss an antitrust matter.

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How a Shirt Covered in Swastikas Ends Up in a Department Store

FLORIDA, United States — The shirt looked, at first glance, quite simple, even humdrum—a short-sleeved, black button-down, from the streetwear label Airwalk, priced at $ 12.99, and patterned with tiny, white polka dots. Except they weren’t dots. They were swastikas, roughly 14,000 of them in all. How exactly a shirt covered in swastikas made it through the design process, much less crammed into a rack in a ...

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