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One Director Who Definitely Won't Be Helming Bond 25

Denis Villeneuve has been on a roll in Hollywood over the last couple years thanks to Sicario and Arrival, both of which earned numerous accolades. Although his latest movie, Blade Runner 2049, wasn’t a commercial success (just like its 1982 predecessor), it was also met with impressive critical praise. Now that his time with Rick Deckard and the Replicants is ...

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Miley Cyrus Definitely Wasn’t In A ‘Bad Mood’ During Her Killer SNL Performance

Miley Cyrus was all about the contrast for her latest Saturday Night Live showing, which had her belting her face off through two of Younger Now‘s most intense tracks. Instead of going with “Malibu” or “Younger Now,” the tunes we’ve gotten super familiar with since the drop of her latest album, she opted to let loose with some rafter-raising howls ...

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The Twilight Zone Is Definitely Getting Rebooted Again

One of the most legendary series of TV history has to be The Twilight Zone, which mastered the art of anthology television. The show tackled a variety of genres, including science fiction, fantasy, psychological thriller, suspense, and scares. Episodes rarely ended on a happily-ever-after, and there were often morals of the stories. Now, The Twilight Zone is getting the reboot ...

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Why The Walking Dead's Abraham Will Almost Definitely Be In The Fear The Walking Dead Crossover

Houston is important, of course, because that was established as the pre-apocalypse hometown for Abraham, and he assumedly lived there for the bulk of his life that wasn’t devoted to whatever military tours he went on. And fans know that Abraham went through some terrible times before he tagged along with Eugene (under the belief that Eugene was in contact ...

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