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IDFA Film Review: ‘Golden Dawn Girls’

Perhaps no few seconds of video — plus the ethical debate that shot up around them — encapsulates 2017 better than the mid-interview shot of American white supremacist Richard Spencer getting punched in the face by a furious protester: a base act of moral retribution that, in a glum year for left-wing politics, many a dispirited liberal has secretly repeat-watched ...

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PSVR Title The Inpatient From Until Dawn Devs Has Been Delayed

In Supermassive’s original Until Dawn the game was a multi-choice, story-driven, QTE horror game. It wasn’t too dissimilar to the Telltale Walking Dead games, but it was definitely more story-oriented than it was gameplay centric. While both The Inpatient and Until Dawn may be set within the same universe, it looks like the newest game will revolve more around exploration ...

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Busan Film Review: ‘Promise at Dawn’

However abetted by fiction, Romain Gary’s autobiographical novel “Promise at Dawn” is more of a roaring yarn than most memoirs have a right to be: Covering over 20-odd years in the celebrated French author’s early life, it’s a bildungsroman that covers pluckily overcome poverty in Poland, sensual education in the south of France and WWII aviation derring-do in Africa and Europe, its ...

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Zayn’s ‘Dusk Till Dawn’ High Notes Are Making Fans Giggle And Heave

When Zayn and Sia released their “Dusk Till Dawn” collaboration last week, there’s one particular moment that gave fans goosebumps. At the climax of the song, Zayn slips out his signature high-range belt, and just when you think his voice couldn’t get any higher, he takes his voice a few steps up. The reaction-video crowd were all over that fiery ...

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