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‘Sons of Anarchy’ Star David Labrava Reveals His 16-Year-Old Son Took His Life in Heartbreaking Post

Sons of Anarchy star David Labrava is grieving. The 55-year-old old actor, who played Happy Lowman on the FX series, took to Instagram on Wednesday to share the devastating news that his son, Tycho, had taken his own life. Posting a series of sweet photos with his son, Labrava wrote, “Never in a million tears would I think I would ...

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The First Stop on Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool Apology Tour? David Beckham's House

What a week it’s been for Deadpool. Last week, he was out there doing an interpretive dance with Celine Dion, the Patron Saint of Canadian Song, for the upcoming release of Deadpool 2. This week, he’s making his rounds and apologizing to those he’s wronged—namely, David Beckham. In the first Deadpool installment, he joked, “Ever heard David Beckham speak? Sounds ...

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'Bad Samaritan' Review: Not Even David Tennant Can Save This Trash

Confession: I’ll see anything with David Tennant in it. Bad Samaritan, however, barely qualifies as “anything.” Mostly, it’s a collection of spare suspense parts that someone ransacked at the movie dump and is trying to resell as fresh product. Good luck with that.  As compensation, there’s Tennant, the Scottish actor who is the 10th (and arguably the best-ever) Doctor Who and a ...

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