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Damon Wayans Outlines the Alleged Violent Behavior That Led to His Lethal Weapon Co-Star's Firing

After weeks of drama that forced the show into limbo, Fox has announced that Lethal Weapon will return for a third season without star Clayne Crawford. Instead, Sean Williams Scott will star opposite Damon Wayans and replace Crawford as Martin Riggs’s brother. In its first two seasons, the show was considered one of Fox’s biggest new hits, with Wayans and ...

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How Weinstein And The Hollywood Machine Created ‘Good Guy’ Matt Damon

Shortly before “Good Will Hunting” hit theaters in December 1997, Matt Damon bought two duffel bags from Walmart. The movie’s buzz had escalated. Its benefactor, Harvey Weinstein, was plotting an awards campaign, and Damon was suddenly spending a lot of time in hotel rooms, with access to four-star room service and fitted suits. As almost any profile of Damon will tell you, ...

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Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and More Act Out J.J. Abrams-Directed Comic Book Created by Young Jimmy Kimmel

Kimmel and his audience were then treated to a screening of “The Terrific Ten,” starring Affleck as Muscle Man, Zach Galifianakis as Super Duck, Billy Crudup as Color Kid, Shaquille O’Neal as Spire, Ty Burrell as Mirgiv, Will Arnett as Meinstrom, Jason Bateman as Bendolite, Jon Hamm as Lucky Lad, Jennifer Aniston as Laser Lass, Cousin Sal as Super Sal ...

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