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What Killmonger's Creator Thinks About Black Panther

Don McGregor joined Marvel Comics in late 1972 as a proofreader, but he quickly became a writer and editor for the company. In 1973, he starting working on the Jungle Action book, where he penned a 13-issue tale titled “Panther’s Rage,” which introduced Erik Killmonger to the Marvel universe. Decades later, McGregor was among the first to see Michael B. ...

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Channel Zero: Butcher Block's Creator Answered Our Biggest Questions About The Premiere

For horror fans, 2018 is already hitting a peak, with Syfy’s Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block giving fans a new season of disturbing thrills and kills. The third season plot involves two sisters moving to a new town and immediately discovering the dark and insanity-provoking secrets that lurk in and above the titular neighborhood. With many stellar influences guiding the tone ...

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NBC Orders Drama ‘Gilded Age’ From ‘Downton Abbey’ Creator to Series

The long-gestating NBC drama “The Gilded Age” is moving forward with a series order, the network announced Wednesday. “Downton Abbey” creator Julian Fellowes will executive produce the series, with “Downton Abbey” executive producer Gareth Neame writing and executive producing. The series has received a 10-episode order and is scheduled to debut in 2019. The series will be produced by Universal Television. ...

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A hip-hop game changer: How Grammy-nominated Tyler, the Creator became Tyler, the entrepreneur

“Jellyfish are evil,” Tyler, the Creator, declares with absolute certainty. We’re at Hollywood’s Chalice Recording Studios, where Tyler fidgets with a piece of studio equipment as he talks, his fingernails shiny under a coat of glittery silver polish. “They’re smarter than us, almost,” he continues. “When they learn how to drive and use Google, we’re [screwed]. A lot of them ...

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Why The Vikings Midseason Finale Killed Those Characters Off, According To The Creator

According to Michael Hirst in his post-midseason finale comments to Variety, Astrid and Halfdan weren’t characters that he’d been waiting and wanting to kill off the show sooner rather than later. In fact, he was open to potentially killing off other characters! The reason Astrid and Halfdan were the ones to bite the dust is simply that their deaths were ...

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