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20th Century Fox Tech Exec Exits to Create Site For Reporting Sexual Harassment, Bias

With the recent tidal wave of stories about sexual misconduct in Hollywood and other industries, Claire Schmidt is leaving 20th Century Fox to try to do something to address the problem. Schmidt, who joined 20th Century Fox as VP of technology and innovation just eight months ago, has started a new venture that will let people anonymously report incidences of ...

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Watching TV for too long could create FATAL blood clots

Scientists warn that it can trigger a vein condition known as venous thromboembolism. It usually affects the legs, arms or pelvis but can lead to clots in the lungs. And US researchers warned that exercise does not slash the risk – unless it is regular. Professor Mary Cushman, of Vermont University, in the US, said: “Watching TV itself isn’t likely ...

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'The Last Jedi' director Rian Johnson will create a whole new trilogy of 'Star Wars' movies

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Top Producers Vow to Combat Sexual Harassment: ‘We Have to Lead and Create a Culture’

The black cloud of the Harvey Weinstein scandal hung heavy over the Producers Guild of America’s third annual Produced By NY conference, held Saturday at Time Warner Center. Discussions of mechanisms for allowing victims of sexual harassment to come forward, the drive for greater inclusion of women and persons of color, and the need for clear guidelines for behavior on ...

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Disney Legend X Atencio, Who Helped Create Pirates And Haunted Mansion, Dead At 98

Xavier Atencio, the Disney Imagineer who helped bring to life iconic theme park attractions such as Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion, died on Sunday. He had just turned 98. Known as X Atencio, his legacy went beyond what visitors viewed on the rides. In addition to the scr… Celebrity News, Photos and Videos – HuffPost Celebrity

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PASSENGER BAN: Airlines to create ‘no fly’ list as drunken arrests SOAR

Airlines are to create “no fly” lists for unruly passengers who disrupt flights. The central government in India are the first country to implement the list to prevent flight attendants being attacked and flights being delayed. The list has three levels to determine how long the passenger will be banned from flying for. With the times ranging from three months ...

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