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Diabetes symptoms: THIS unwanted sign could be a warning of the condition

Bad breath could be a sign of diabetes, doctors have revealed. High blood sugar levels increases the amount of glucose in saliva, which provides food for mouth bacteria. This bacteria can lead to bad breath, or halitosis. The condition could also be caused in diabetes patients as the body tries to substitute glucose for burning fat, which produces molecules called ...

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Travel warning: Buying THIS at the airport could see you start your holiday in HANDCUFFS

A type of painkiller readily available from certain airport pharmacies could get you arrested if you were travelling to countries where it is illegal.  Medication containing codeine, an illegal medicine in some countries, is sold at a branch of Boots pharmacy based in Heathrow Terminal 4.  One researcher was able to buy 32 tablets of co-codamol, a painkiller containing both ...

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Why asking for batteries in a hotel could alarm reception thanks to THIS

Hotel requests are common with guests things such as spare towels or meals. Reception is often happy to oblige, depending on the outlandishness of the request. Some may request batteries for the TV remote if it stops working, which seems like a reasonable ask. What many may not realise is that it alarms receptionists to potentially shocking activity. Many guests ...

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Arthritis: Avoiding THESE foods could help to prevent painful symptoms

Foods that are cooked in high temperatures tend to have harmful compounds, known as Advanced Glycation End products (AGEs), scientists have warned. AGEs accumulate naturally in the body as we get older, but the biggest contributor is from our diet, according to Dr Mary Jane Brown from Ulster University. The compounds increase inflammation and contribute to oxidant stress, studies have ...

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High blood pressure WARNING: Energy drinks could cause heart and kidney damage

Energy drinks could increase the risk of developing a number of health conditions, including high blood pressure, obesity, kidney damage and mental health problems, according to Harvard University scientists. The negative health impacts outweigh the short term benefits – energy and stamina improvements, athletic performance and concentration – said the researchers. Selling energy drinks to children and adolescents should be ...

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Diabetes diet cure REVEALED: Snacking on THIS food could REDUCE severity of symptoms

Diabetes affects 415 million adults worldwide, including 4.5 million in the UK. Symptoms include feeling thirsty, tired, needing to go to the toilet often and having blurry vision. However, adding a popular snack to your diet could help reduce their severity. Recent research has found almonds could help sufferers of type 2 – which accounts for 90 per cent of ...

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