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‘House of Cards’ Producers Consider Killing Off Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood (EXCLUSIVE)

Producers are exploring several options for getting “House of Cards” back on track in the wake of sexual assault and harassment allegations against star Kevin Spacey. One scenario being discussed is to kill off Spacey’s character, the villainous Frank Underwood, and have the show’s sixth and final season concentrate on his equally manipulative wife Claire, played by Robin Wright, according ...

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When Did Briana First Consider A Teen Mom 2 Adoption?

Briana may have seemed optimistic about her future with her beau Luis, but the two — who are expecting a child and planned to move in together with her daughter Nova — suffered a big relationship setback during this week’s Teen Mom 2 episode. The details: Nova’s mother discovered that Luis had been unfaithful while she was pregnant. While Luis ...

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