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Why the state of the big-screen summer comedy is no laughing matter

“I talk about this all the time with my comedy friends — it is rough out there,” said director Rawson Marshall Thurber, whose “Central Intelligence” was a summer comedy success just two years ago, grossing $ 127 million. Seeing what he calls “a comedy famine at the box office,” Thurber, who also helmed the hits “Dodgeball” and “We’re the Millers,” ...

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The man-children of the Jules Feiffer-written comedy 'Bernard and Huey' are out of time

Sharing some evident DNA with “Carnal Knowledge,” the 1971 film that established Feiffer, the longtime Village Voice cartoonist, as an equally gifted screenwriter, “Bernard and Huey” respectfully retains Pfeiffer’s distinctive speech patterns, but lacking the stronger directorial imprint of a Mike Nichols, what may have sounded fresh and daring back in the day quickly grows mannered and repetitive. … ENTERTAINMENT ...

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