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Chuck Mosley, Former Faith No More Frontman, Dead at 57

Chuck Mosley, former frontman of several bands including Faith No More and Bad Brains, died on November 9. According to a statement from his family, he died from addiction-related causes after a long period of sobriety. He was 57 years old. Mosley became frontman of Faith No More in 1984 and recorded two albums with the band, including their 1985 ...

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Chuck Mosley, Former Faith No More Singer, Dead at 57

Chuck Mosley, the vocalist for the mid-Eighties run of pioneering alt-metal outliers Faith No More, died Thursday at the age of 57. The singer pioneered what would eventually become rap-rock on the band’s first hit, 1987’s snarky MTV breakthrough “We Care a Lot.” He left the band shortly after and did a stint as the singer of Bad Brains in ...

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TV Review: ‘Disjointed’ From Chuck Lorre

Is “Disjointed” better if you’re stoned? Well, of course. Pot has been adding another dimension — and improving the flaws of bad television — for almost as long as we’ve had the medium. And “Disjointed,” in particular, seems designed to satisfy a mellower state of mind. It’s slow and spacey and visually kinetic, with a, well, disjointed format that frames ...

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