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Dwayne Johnson Reveals Childhood Struggles With Poverty in Touching Thanksgiving Post

[unable to retrieve full-text content] The good life only makes Dwayne Johnson appreciate the tough times that much more.  The 45-year-old actor opened up about his childhood struggle with poverty in a touching Thanksgiving post on Friday. The Rock revealed that growing up, he and his family didn’t know where their next meal would come from.  “After we bowed our ...

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Healthy food choices in childhood lowers risk of developing cardiovascular disease

Cutting saturated fat in childrens’ diets reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease in adulthood, a University of Otago study has found. Lead author Dr Lisa Te Morenga, of the University’s Department of Human Nutrition, says elevated cholesterol has been linked to cardiovascular disease in adults and preclinical markers of atherosclerosis (the build-up of fats and cholesterol on artery walls) in ...

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Childhood obesity warning: Number of overweight children on the RISE, shock numbers show

Shocking statistics released yesterday suggest little progress is being made to tackle the epidemic with one in four children in reception year also obese. The figures, published by NHS Digital, come from the National Child Measurement Programme which measures the height and weight of more than one million children in England annually. Obesity prevalence was higher for boys in both ...

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'The Florida Project' Review: 'One of the Best Movies on Childhood Ever'

Willem Dafoe should be on top of Oscar’s Best Supporting Actor list for his stellar work in The Florida Project, a film that’s as hilarious and heartbreaking as it is unclassifiable. The actor’s soul-deep performance as Bobby, a motel manager working the low-rent fringes of Orlando’s theme-park “paradise,” is alert to every nuance, and his achievement is even more notable ...

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Pesticide Use During Pregnancy Linked to Increased Risk of Childhood Brain Tumors

Previous epidemiological studies have suggested that exposure to pesticides during pregnancy may have a possible role in the development of childhood brain tumors. In a new International Journal of Cancer analysis, researchers found a link between maternal residential pesticide use—particularly insecticides—and the risk of childhood brain tumors. The analysis included 437 malignant childhood brain tumor cases and 3102 controls from two French ...

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New strategy against childhood cancer

Neuroblastoma is a cancer in children that originates in the sympathetic nervous system and has a high mortality. Current treatment includes chemotherapy and radiotherapy with their potentially severe side effects; there is therefore an urgent need for a new improved drug.  One potential treatment strategy is to use a drug to target deviant molecular signalling caused by changes in genes.

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