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British Airways to prevent cheap ticket holders from boarding until LAST

British Airways’ new boarding policy will prevent passengers who bought their tickets for less to board before others. Those who have paid for a more expensive ticket will be prioritised, according to an internal document from the airline. Passengers will be given a number between one and five, depending on the cost of their ticket which will then signify when ...

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Best supplements for sleep: Take these THREE cheap nutrients to fall asleep FAST

Getting enough sleep can often be a challenge, and research has found Britons aren’t getting enough of it. In September a sleep scientist, Professor Matthew Walker from the University of California, revealed to The Guardian that sleep loss costs the UK economy over £30bn a year in lost revenue. What’s more, a lack of sleep has been linked to cancer ...

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5 Secret Weapons We Use To Score Cheap Plane Tickets

Airplane tickets eat up a pretty significant chunk of our travel budget. Spending a fortune on getting from point A to B feels like a bit of a waste, especially when that extra money could be otherwise invested on days of sightseeing, another round of cocktails, or other fun pursuits. So, whenever a bargain flight lands on our laps, you ...

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