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Two Surprise Arrow-verse Characters Who Will Apparently Get Earth-X Versions In The Big Crossover

If that weren’t enough, there’s also Red Tornado, whose allegiance in the crossover will be an interesting factor, despite being shown on the villain’s side in the poster. Red Tornado, whose power should be pretty self explanatory, has been both a villain and a hero in DC lore, and when he first appeared on Supergirl, he wasn’t really a good ...

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7 Marvel Characters We Hope Return By Avengers 4

Betty Ross Betty Ross was last seen in the MCU looking at a picture she took of Bruce Banner and wondering where he was following the battle with The Abomination. Her father, Thunderbolt Ross, recently resurfaced in Captain America: Civil War as the U.S.Secretary of State, but Betty hasn’t been mentioned since The Incredible Hulk. Granted, Bruce has been busy ...

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'Will & Grace' reboot breathes fresh life into familiar characters

Sure, it’s just a comedy, but among all the recent TV reboots and resuscitations — “Star Trek,” “Dynasty,” “Gilmore Girls,” “Full House,” “SWAT” — “Will & Grace” has the most at stake upon its return to prime time. The show, which makes its comeback Thursday after 11 years off the air, boosted the mainstreaming of LGBTQ culture by featuring two ...

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