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Chance the Rapper Accuses Batman of Racial Profiling in “SNL” Sketch: Watch

During a sketch in last night’s episode “Saturday Night Live,” host Chance the Rapper played a Gotham City resident who had a few questions for Bruce Wayne (Beck Bennett) about Batman’s “excessive” crime fighting tactics. “You know how Batman is tough on crime?” Chance asked Bruce, who “knows” Batman. “OK, well can you tell him to cool it down in ...

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Chance The Rapper Crooned An R&B Ode To Barack Obama On SNL

Chance The Rapper wasn’t the musical guest on Saturday Night Live this week, but his most memorable sketch definitely played on his singing strengths in between punchlines. As a part of his hosting duties, he opened the show with an attempt at writing a Thanksgiving classic as memorable as Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” It was ...

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Chance the Rapper Plays a Porn Star and Does Not Get Hockey on “SNL”: Watch

Chance the Rapper really went for it last night when he hosted an episode of “Saturday Night Live” with musical guest Eminem. He appeared in one sketch as a stereotypical porno pizza guy. “Pizza delivery,” he said with a California accent. “I’ve got an extra large sausage just for you.” It’s one in a series of recurring sketches where Aidy ...

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Chance the Rapper Mocks a Fake Lil Pump on “SNL”’s Rap History Sketch: Watch

Chance the Rapper hosted last night’s episode of “Saturday Night Live.” In one sketch, he played an MC from the Bronx in a mini-documentary about hip-hop’s history; it featured appearances from Questlove and Common. In the sketch, the Soul Crush Crew (Chance, Kenan Thompson, and Chris Redd) lambast upstart young rapper Lil Doo Doo (Pete Davidson’s Lil Pump alternative). Watch ...

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Chance the Rapper Pleads for Obama to Come Back in “SNL” Music Video: Watch

Chance the Rapper hosted last night’s episode of “Saturday Night Live.” In one of the episode’s standout sketches, he starred in a music video—styled like a cross between Boyz II Men and New Edition—and pleaded for Barack Obama to come back. “We didn’t know just what he had,” he sings with Kenan Thompson and Chris Redd. “Now things are really ...

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