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Mr. Robot Might Be the Most Challenging Show on TV Right Now

When I find myself trying to keep up with screens full of code and a voiceover explaining some corporate espionage involving paper backups—”I had to look for a stop gap, in this case eShipping, their shipping management console … I’m sending shipping requests to the actual facilities but in the manifest making it look like all the paper is still ...

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San Sebastián: Milad Alami on ‘The Charmer,’ Outsiders, Challenging Audiences

SAN SEBASTIAN — “If I try to analyze my films, they are usually about characters who are outsiders to society in some sense,” says Irani-born, Sweden-bred and Denmark-based Milad Alami, whose “Charmer,” world premieres at San Sebastian as the opening night film of New Directors, its main sidebar. “Charmer” fits the bill to a tee. Alami’s first feature, it turns ...

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EXCLUSIVE: 'Outlander' Star César Domboy Reveals the Most Challenging Part of Playing Fergus in Season 3!

Domboy dished that he meticulously studied Romann Berrux‘s portrayal of younger Fegus in season two and he purposely adopted some key on-screen mannerisms. “Do you remember how [young Fergus was] always leaving his hands all over [the place], like a pickpocket? Trying to feel the shapes of everything around him or maybe trying to find a spot to steal something? That’s something ...

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