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FLIES could be infecting humans with bacteria that causes deadly CANCER

Flies can spread bacteria between people, US researchers have claimed. Houseflies and blowflies were found to transmit the bacteria, Helicobacter pylori, as it ‘stuck’ to their legs and wings when flying between their breeding and feeding grounds. The specific bacteria is relatively common, infecting about 60 per cent of the world’s adult population. But, studies have claimed Helicobacter pylori increases ...

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Slapped cheek syndrome: What is infectious condition that causes bright red cheeks?

Slapped cheek syndrome is caused by a virus, known as parvovirus B19. It’s contagious, and can be caught from infected people by inhaling droplets from their sneezes or coughs, or by touching a contaminated surface or object, the NHS said. Preventing the condition is particularly difficult, and there’s no current vaccine to prevent against it. Those with the infection are ...

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Exclusive Trailer for The Crown Season 2: Prince Philip's Wild Spirit Causes Friction in the Royal Marriage

The second season of The Crown, which returns to Netflix next month, will tackle the Suez Crisis, the Kennedys, and a whole lot of other historical landmarks. But perhaps more importantly for fans of royal drama, the second season of the Emmy-winning show will delve deeply into the troubled royal marriage. Advertisement – Continue Reading Below

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Iran’s Oscar nominee ‘Nafas’ causes a stir

TEHRAN – AP A movie about a young girl whose fantasy world helps her escape the hard realities of growing up in the countryside near Tehran in the aftermath of the 1979 Islamic Revolution is Iran’s first-ever nominee for the Academy Awards’ foreign film directed by a woman. But not everyone is celebrating.The mixed reaction to Narges Abyar’s film “Nafas,” ...

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Heathrow fog CHAOS: Holidaymakers ‘stuck’ as weather causes flight CANCELLATIONS

A thick fog forced Heathrow airport officials to cancel or delay flights flying to or from the venue this morning.  Foggy weather can cause visibility issues for airport operators, meaning flying in these conditions could compromise safety.  Photos reflect the hazy state of the sky, including one image of a British Airways plane on the ground which is barely visible. ...

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