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‘Skyscraper’ Review: The Rock vs. World’s Tallest Building, Guess Who Wins?

Dwayne Johnson saves. It’s sort of his signature thing, really. An informal list of people, places and other miscellany that the man still known by many as “The Rock” has protected, defended and/or rescued: a young Polynesian woman, part of the Egyptian empire, ancient Greece, San Francisco, fellow video-game avatars, the World Wrestling Federation, the professional secrets of tooth fairies, ...

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Late TV icon Steven Bochco is honored with Fox Studios building, the 'epicenter' of his hit shows

“He leaves behind a lasting legacy of quality series, many of which were created in this building, and filmed on this studio lot,” Newman said. “He will always be remembered — for his storytelling, for his humanity, for his humor and, perhaps, for one of the greatest catchphrases in television history: As Sgt. Phil Esterhaus would say every week as ...

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