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Nostalgic British seaside resorts celebrated in new photo book

The quaint British seaside resorts of yesteryear are having a renaissance, as a certain type of discerning holidaymaker shuns the flashy resorts of the Mediterranean for a slower pace closer to home. To celebrate this, a new book, Seaside Hotels, looks at the homegrown resorts at the height of their popularity. They came into prominence in the 17th century, when ...

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British passengers 'feared for their lives' as planes collide at airport

A plane packed with passengers returning from holiday was hit by a larger plane at an airport in Turkey yesterday. Travellers were left terrified when back of their aircraft was knocked by an airbus. The crash took place shortly after the Turkish Airlines A321 plane had landed at Istanbul’s Atatürk Airport.  The aircraft was full of passengers preparing to disembark ...

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Italy flight cancellations: British Airways cancelled flights FULL LIST due to strikes

Italy flights are being cancelled from the UK thanks to a strike by ground staff and air traffic controllers. Airlines including easyJet and Ryanair have already cancelled a number of flights today thanks to this, with British Airways being the worst affected so far. The airline has cancelled over 10 flights across the UK with many airports being affected. The ...

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