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Hodgy and Left Brain Reunite MellowHype for New Song “Tisk”: Listen

Hodgy and Left Brain have resurrected their duo MellowHype, which released several projects earlier in the decade as part of the Odd Future collective. Tonight, they shared their first new song in years called “Tisk,” whose beat samples Son Lux’s song “Easy.” Listen below. In a tweet, Hodgy also teased the possibility of a new MellowHype album. “2018 here we ...

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Dementia diet: Drinking THIS unlikely JUICE could slow symptoms of brain decline

Dementia is a growing concern in the UK where rates are set to soar to a million by 2025. Previous research has suggested that eating a diet rich in oily fish and mushrooms could help ward off the condition that triggers debilitating symptoms such as memory loss, difficulty with language and problems thinking. However, beetroot juice has been singled out ...

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Dementia symptoms: THESE could be signs of early brain decline

Making small mistakes while completing everyday tasks could be a very early sign of dementia, scientists have revealed. Accidentally leaving a teabag in a mug of coffee, or checking the fridge for milk that’s already on the side, could be a sign that cognitive ability was already fading, according to a US study. Future Alzheimer’s disease patients could miss out ...

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Dementia news: THIS type of brain training has been found to REDUCE risk of symptoms

Dementia is most likely in those who are older, with most people diagnosed over the age of 65. Other risk factors of the increasingly prevalent condition – which will see a million sufferers by 2025 – include lack of exercise, smoking and poor diet. However, new research released today has shown that computerised brain training could lower the likelihood of ...

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Brain condition warning: THIS neurological disorder is set to grow FASTER than Alzheimer’s

Brain, spine and nerve conditions are collectively known as neurological disorders, and commonly include Alzheimer’s disease, stroke and multiple sclerosis. However, another type of neurological disorder is set to overtake the already high rate of Alzheimer’s growth within decades, according to scientists.  Parkinson’s disease, in which parts of the brain become progressively damaged over the years, will outpace the leading ...

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Alzheimer's breakthrough: Early stages could be picked up before plaques develop in brain

Scientists have pin-pointed a “bio-marker” that spots a protein made when the brain gets inflamed or damaged and increases before the tell-tale plaques develop – the first sign the disease is taking hold. Experts said the findings could be used to diagnose those patients at high risk of the debilitating disease and used to deliver drugs to areas of the ...

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