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British Airways to prevent cheap ticket holders from boarding until LAST

British Airways’ new boarding policy will prevent passengers who bought their tickets for less to board before others. Those who have paid for a more expensive ticket will be prioritised, according to an internal document from the airline. Passengers will be given a number between one and five, depending on the cost of their ticket which will then signify when ...

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Airline to WEIGH passengers before boarding plane – but for this reason

Finnish airline Finnair has announced it is to weigh their passengers before they board. Despite what many may think, it isn’t anything to do with the customers themselves, regarding their seat of their experience with the airline. Instead, the airline is trying to calculate its total weight and safety, to check they are correct against their estimates. Anyone nervous about ...

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News: United Airlines app to offer boarding passes from partner airlines

United Airlines has announced a new enhancement to its app that will allow customers to receive boarding passes when connecting to 19 airline partners on their smart phones. This is a feature which no other US carrier currently offers. The functionality will be available for customers traveling on United who are making an onward connection on another carrier and will ...

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Does your boarding pass have the SSSS code on it? Secret meaning REVEALED

Boarding passes often have confusing details on them from the flight numbers to the QR codes. Recently it was revealed the documents hold very personal information in code-form, which if posted online, could pose a security threat to the passenger in question.  It has recently emerged one of the codes within the boarding pass could hide a secret meaning.  Have you ...

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Airport to allow people WITHOUT boarding passes into the terminal – but is it SAFE?

The airport in Pennsylvania is to allow non-flying citizens to pass through airport security to access the shops and restaurants within the terminal. Called the “myPITpass, travellers won’t need boarding passes but it has raised concerns over safety fears. Not only that, but flight attendants have also criticised the move over the risk it poses to them by removing the ...

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