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Watch Billy Corgan’s New Silent Film

Billy Corgan (formerly “William Patrick Corgan”) has released a new silent film soundtracked by his latest solo album. Pillbox—written and co-directed by Corgan and frequent collaborator Linda Strawberry—features music from the Rick Rubin-produced LP Ogilala. The 40-minute film stars Rai Quartley, Anna Steers, Hardeep Manak, Kalpana Pot, Harry Holmes, Los Angela, and others. In October, it… RSS: News

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LA Panda, Bad Boy Billy Board ‘La Camarista,’ as Axel Shalson Joins ‘Buenaventura’ (EXCLUSIVE)

BUENOS AIRES — There are new kids on Latin America’s block, and they’re shaking up its art film business: In a first move by the production fund just launched by L.A.-based LA Panda and Axel Shalson’s Bad Boy Billy Productions, the partners have boarded Lila Avilés’ “La Camarista” as a co-producer. In a separate move, Shalson will co-produce “Buenaventura Mon ...

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Billy Corgan Weighs In On Kurt Cobain Murder Conspiracy Theories

NewsWritten by Emmy Mack on November 12, 2017 Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has shared some rare insights into Kurt Cobain‘s tragic 1994 death. Despite police twice ruling the Nirvana legend’s death a suicide (once immediately after-the-fact and again when the investigation was reopened in 2014), murder conspiracy theories centring on Cobain’s partner Courtney Love have continued to … Music ...

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