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WATCH: EasyJet engineer uses TAPE to fix a broken plane before it takes off in Amsterdam

Planes will fly millions of miles during their lifetime, meaning they have to be well maintained.  While the average person doesn’t know much about how aircrafts are repaired, you would assume it requires heavy duty materials.  However, this viral video seems to suggest plane repair materials aren’t as sophisticated as you might think. The video, posted this week by a ...

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Kanye West Knew He’d Marry Kim Kardashian Way Before He Proposed, According To Diplo

Add “psychic” — or at the very least, “intuitive as hell” — to the list of attributes that make up the complicated genius of Kanye West. For TBS’s Storyville, Diplo recalled a particularly star-studded evening with West at New York’s Mercer Hotel, which the rapper had more or less booked out as his HQ for the making of 2011’s Watch The ...

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