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These Summer Tops Look Good Under a Jacket (Because A/C)

Though it doesn’t quite compare to the challenges that layering for winter presents, summer dressing does have a layering predicament of its own. In fact, you’ve probably encountered it. What are we referring to? Crazy sleeves. Between ruffled, strappy, one-shoulder, and puffy-sleeved tops, shielding oneself from the A/C in the office or chilly night air proves nearly impossible with so ...

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Lingerie That Celebrates Women of All Sizes (Because, Duh)

In a perfect world, every brand everywhere would offer sizing that suited every body in existence. Is that currently the case? It, unfortunately, is not. Without ignoring the fact that most brands are size-exclusive these days, we decided to take a walk on the positive side and take the time to praise brands that are… Celebrity Style and Fashion Trend ...

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