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OpenAI Wants To Beat A Professional ‘Dota 2’ Team At The International

Nonprofit research company OpenAI wants to pit its team of five neural networks, called OpenAI Five, against a team of top professional “Dota 2” players at The International esports tournament in August. OpenAI Five has already defeated amateur human teams using a number of restrictions, the company said. The bots only played mirror matches with limited heroes and there was ...

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Ditch pills to beat heart disease

In an attack on the health establishment, the group of experts suggest rates of heart disease and diabetes could tumble. And it could save tens of millions of lives and the NHS billions of pounds. They say official nutritional advice must be ignored and GPs challenged about their tendency to blithely dish out pills such as statins. Consultant cardiologist Dr ...

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Elvis Presley's drummer D.J. Fontana set the beat for rock 'n roll's future

Fontana, who died in his sleep on Wednesday night at age 87, had a style that blended measures of restraint with explosive moments of energy. The snare rolls that divide each verse of “Hound Dog,” for example, hit like bullets into a slingshot, pushing momentum and then snapping back. Conversely, on “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” Fontana delicately taps a ...

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