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Best supplements: Beat winter colds and flu by taking THESE vitamins daily

Vitamins A, B12, C, D, zinc, selenium could all help to prevent colds and flu this winter, according to a dietitian. Taking daily supplements will help to “plug dietary gaps”, caused by the shorter and colder days, they said. Public Health England advised everybody to take daily vitamin D supplements during autumn and winter, as sunlight hours – the biggest ...

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Winona Ryder Says She Was Beat Up in Middle School for Wearing Boys' Clothes: 'I Had to Have Stitches'

Don’t mess with Winona Ryder.  The 46-year-old actress’ career couldn’t be hotter with the rising popularity of Stranger Things, but in a recently resurfaced story from her biography, Ryder describes a time when life wasn’t as glamorous. In fact, the Golden Globe winner says she was bullied so bad in middle school that she once had to get stitches.  As ...

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