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Stomach bloating: Avoid fizzy drinks to stop the painful swelling

Stomach bloating causes include fizzy, or carbonated, drinks a dietitian has asserted. Speaking today with Express.co.uk, Dr Carrie Wilson, said these tasty beverages release air inside the body, which causes bloating. “Carbonated drinks release air as they move through the digestive system, causing a bloated stomach.” “The main reason people get stomach bloating though,” she added, “is when they eat ...

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How to avoid stomach ache ruining your holiday: Steer clear of these four foods

Traveller’s diarrhoea is diarrhoea that develops during, or shortly after, travel abroad. It is caused by eating food or drinking water contaminated by germs including bacteria, viruses and parasites. Other symptoms can include high temperature (fever), being sick (vomiting) and tummy (abdominal) pain. In most cases it causes a mild illness and symptoms clear within three to four days, but ...

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MAPPED: Avoid taking prescription medication to these countries – or risk imprisonment

Tourists travelling abroad who need medication may be breaking the law, even if it is prescribed. Common medicine that can be bought over the counter, even flu medication or cold tablets could fall foul of the rules. A number of tourists travelling to popular holiday destinations such as Dubai and Egypt have found themselves in trouble with government authorities due ...

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