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Autism Looms Larger on TV, But Industry Therapy Coverage Falls Short (OPINION)

“So, autism. That’s like the Rain Main savant thing, right?” Thanks to television shows such as “Parenthood,” “Atypical,” “The A Word” and “The Good Doctor,” conversations about autism are less likely to start with this type of under-informed exchange. The wider public is finally gaining more nuanced insight into the condition that impacts 1 out of 68 children in the ...

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MMR vaccine side effects do NOT include autism – where the myth came from explained

Scientists recommend giving children the MMR vaccine, after the myth linking the vaccine to autism was quashed. There have been numerous scientific studies that found no link between the vaccine and the developmental disability. Almost 1.3 million children were studied in 2014, to see if the vaccination led to autism. They found the vaccine didn’t have any association with autism ...

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