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Flight attendant 'bikini airline' launch new route – would YOU fly with them?

An airline based in Vietnam has hit the headlines in recent years and has become known as ‘bikini airline’. Otherwise called Vietjet Air, the airline is known for its saucy stunts featuring scantily clad women. Since launching in 2011, the airline has published an annual calendar that features women in bikinis posing as cabin crew members such as flight attendants, ...

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What to Never Wear on a Plane, From a Flight Attendant

Once you’ve studied up on Fischbach’s concise list of items to avoid while flying, sub in her flight-friendly go-tos. Layering is her top suggestion for ensuring you enjoy a comfortable flight. “I always try to layer for flights I’m on as a passenger,” she explains. “If you must wear a skirt or dress, wear tights underneath, even if it’s the ...

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Flight attendant reveals scary moment two planes almost crash with passengers ‘screaming’

Flight attendants have revealed many secrets over the years regarding life 30,000 feet in the air. What many may not realise is that they aren’t just there to serve passengers, but are mainly onboard for safety and keeping passengers calm. One flight attendant has revealed the terrifying moment they realised they were about to crash into another plane when landing. ...

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