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Rheumatoid arthritis symptoms: Five supplements to ease pain in the knee, hip and hands

Rheumatoid arthritis affects around 10 million people in the UK, including 15,000 children and young people.  Pain, stiffness, swelling, warmth and redness are the main symptoms, but additional symptoms can include tiredness and a lack of energy, a high temperature, sweating, a poor appetite and weight loss.  While there’s no cure, experts recom… Daily Express :: Health Feed

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Arthritis symptoms? Nine natural ways to get pain relief in the knee, hip and hands

The two most common types of arthritis are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, according to the NHS.  Osteoarthritis initially affects the smooth cartilage lining of a joint, and severe loss of cartilage can lead to one rubbing on bone.  Rheumatoid arthritis occurs when the body’s immune system targets affected joints, leading to pain and s… Daily Express :: Health Feed

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Rheumatoid arthritis symptoms: Reduce joint pain with dark chocolate and kidney beans

Antioxidants could reduce inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis patients, research has claimed. Adding just 20g extra of antioxidants to diets could reduce the number of swollen and painful joints, a study revealed. Important dietary antioxidants included vitamins A, C and E, as well as selenium. Antioxidant-rich foods include dar… Daily Express :: Health Feed

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Arthritis: ‘Clicking’ and ‘popping’ joints could be a sign of PAINFUL condition

Arthritis symptoms include inflammation, red skin over joints, and joint stiffness. But, the public has been urged to take action, if their joints are popping and clicking, alongside pain. It came after a survey revealed 60 per cent of Brits do nothing about snapping joints. Joints can creak and click when cartilage degenerates, and it’s no longer protected from friction. ...

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