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The Gifted‘s Natalie Alyn Lind On Lauren’s Growing ‘Anger’ And Potential New Mutant Romance

Up until this point on The Gifted, the Mutant Underground has been trying to survive — but that’s all about to change. In Monday night’s episode of the Fox series, “got your siX,” they begin training mutants to fight. For Lauren Strucker, it’s about damn time. Since making her introduction in the pilot episode, Lauren hasn’t had a chance to ...

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Metallica at the MEN Arena review: Metal giants Don’t Look Back in (St) Anger

Perfectly-timed in the middle of a two-hour heavy metal masterclass, bassist Rob Trujillo and lead guitar legend Kirk Hammett struck up the chords which have become the unofficial post-attack anthem and the jam-packed 20,000 crowd responded by singing to a man and woman at the top of their voices. It was spine-tingling and as Manchester bees filled the array of ...

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Teen Mom 2 Anger: Will Jenelle Ever Forgive Barbara Following Their Custody Settlement?

Case closed. Jenelle and Barbara’s custody battle regarding Jace was finally resolved during tonight’s brand-new Teen Mom 2. The outcome: The seven-year-old’s grandmother will remain his primary custodian — while his mother will be granted time every other weekend, split holidays, plus all access to his medical/school records. “I had nothing in place, so now visitation is in place,” Jenelle ...

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Dylan O’Brien Opens Up About The Anger He Felt After The Accident That Nearly Ended His Career

Dylan O’Brien is back in the spotlight following the serious accident that nearly ended his career — and could have ended his life. The accident occurred on the set of The Maze Runner: The Death Cure back in March 2016 and reportedly was the result of a stunt gone wrong. O’Brien prefers to keep the details of the accident private, ...

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