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Alzheimer’s SHOCK: Disease 'could be passed between humans during routine surgery'

It comes after scientists studied medical records of four people who had brain bleeds caused by a build up of amyloid, a hallmark of the incurable disease. All had neurosurgery two or three decades earlier as children or teenagers, raising the possibility deposits may be transferred in a similar way to those who caught Mad Cow Disease from human growth ...

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Dementia – a step-by-step guide to lowering your risk of Alzheimer’s disease

Dementia symptoms include memory loss, confusion, mood changes and difficulty moving. Signs of the neurodegenerative conditions tend to get worse over time. In the latter stages of dementia, patients are less able go about their everyday lives, and may lose a lot of their communication skills. The condition isn’t a normal part of ageing, and you could lower your risk ...

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Turmeric health benefits: Curry spice could hold key to combating Alzheimer’s

Scientists behind the breakthrough believe the treatment could pave the way for treating dementia and claim the drug is nearly ready for clinical trials on humans Dubbed a “modern elixir of life”, in tests on mice and flies, the J147 drug made aging cells appear more youthful by binding proteins found in mitochondria, the energy-generators within cells. 

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Alzheimer’s breakthrough? Scientists show how toxic protein rips through the brain

Researchers have been able to see the deadly chain reaction at the start of the incurable disease which causes the death of nerve cells. Powerful new imaging techniques suggest tau spreads across the brain, infecting and destroying nerve cells as it goes, causing symptoms to get progressively worse. Confirmation is crucial because it indicates the progressi… Daily Express :: Health ...

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Dementia symptoms: Could your optician DIAGNOSE alzheimer’s disease in an EYE test?

Dementia can be difficult to identify until it has progressed, however recent research has indicated opticians may one day be able to spot it in an eye test. According to the NHS, early signs currently include memory loss, problems with language and difficulty making decisions. However, scientists have suggested that an eye test could help identify the condition early, and ...

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Dementia news: VIRUSES may play a role in Alzheimer’s – discovery hailed as ‘new chapter'

Dementia – and its most common form, Alzheimer’s disease – are on the rise, with over a million sufferers predicted in the UK by 2025. Scientists now know that the neurodegenerative disease is caused by gradual death of brain cells.  While a cure is still to be found, it is thought clearing dementia-causing plaques and tangles from the brain could ...

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