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Terry Crews says agent Adam Venit ‘got a pass’ after groping allegations

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City of Hope Dinner Honors Coran Capshaw, Establishes Memorial Fund for Late Agent Chip Hooper

The annual City of Hope “Spirit of Life” Award dinner is the music industry’s version of a bar mitzvah for a noble cause, and this year’s event, honoring Red Light Management founder Coran Capshaw, at the Barker Hangar at Santa Monica Airport, was no different. After a year of tragic deaths, natural catastrophes, and political turmoil, the record biz took ...

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Sex assault accusations against ex-APA agent renew concerns about alleged abuse of minors in Hollywood

The company, which also has offices in New York, London, Nashville, Toronto and Atlanta, has made at least one unconventional top hire. APA’s director of operations, Ronald Rewald, was convicted on 94 felony counts in 1985 for running a Hawaiian investment firm that a judge likened to a Ponzi scheme, according to news reports at the time. The case made ...

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Anti-myeloma agent opens for new treatment strategy

The tumour form multiple myeloma is very challenging to treat and is still considered incurable. In a recently published study in the scientific journal Oncotarget, researchers at Uppsala University show how inhibition of the protein BMI-1 could be used as a new strategy to treat the disease. Multiple myeloma is a type of blood cancer where immune cells grow in ...

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Meet Channing Tatum’s Agent Tequila in a New Clip from the 'Kingsman' Sequel

Kingsman: The Secret Service introduced us to the glossy world of impeccably dapper British spies, and its upcoming sequel, The Golden Circle, expands that universe to include their US counterparts. And like the genteelly refined Bond-esque Kingsmen in their tailored tweed, the Statesmen are modeled after their country’s most celebrated masculine archetype: the… Entertainment – Esquire

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