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The Lion King Live Action Movie: Here's What We Know

The Lion King’s Director Jon Favreau kicked off his directing career with 2001’s Made, and he followed that up with 2003’s Elf and 2005’s Zathura. 2008’s Iron Man, however, marked his biggest blockbuster venture yet, and, along with 2010’s Iron Man 2, he helped lay the groundwork for what the Marvel Cinematic Universe would become in later years. A… CinemaBlend ...

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19 Things You Need To Know About Affirmative Action

On Tuesday night, the New York Times reported that Justice Department officials are preparing to devote resources to investigate and potentially sue American universities over their affirmative action admissions policies. The reason? These policies apparently “discriminate against white applicants,” according to the report. This is hardly the first time affirmative action — a set of procedures intended to correct for ...

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