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Julianne Hough Delivers Tearful Performance About Terminal Illness in Emotional 'DWTS' Finale

“She has inspired dancers and choreographers all over the world,” Hough shared, before explaining that Davis was “unfortunately was diagnosed with seven auto-immune diseases that left her terminally ill.” Davis channeled her tragic diagnosis and the medical obstacles she’s facing into her choreography, and cast Hough to embody her spirit in the routine. “This dance is Marinda’s story that she’s choreographed. ...

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Epic New Agents Of SHIELD Trailer Has Us Worried About One Major Character, Watch It Now

On the other hand, Fitz could very well be alive and in the mix when Season 5 kicks off. Perhaps he merely wasn’t present in the action-packed scenes that were selected for the trailer. After all, as an exceptional engineer, his services might have been put to better use elsewhere than fighting monstrous aliens. Simmons didn’t seem overly emotional in ...

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Jaden Smith Raps About The Illuminati, Harry Potter, And Baby Ghost Elvis Presley On New Album

Do you remember the episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air where Will flipped his prep-school jacket inside out? That’s what it feels like entering the world of Jaden Smith’s debut album, SYRE. It is an esoteric journey into the crimson and gold floral-print landscape of a prince who never had to conform to the navy blue blazers of the ...

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