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Belmond British Pullman: A vintage journey of opulence with fine dining and champagne

Sitting around an immaculately-set table laden with gleaming crystals and monogramed china, they nibbled on the best food money can buy. It was like a scene from the newly released film, Murder on the Orient Express starring Kenneth Branagh and Michelle Pheiffer. We, too, felt like we were in another era. A trip on the Belmond British Pullman could well ...

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Aberdeenshire: Explore a very bonny Scotland, the setting of Whisky Galore! 

A pleasant hour’s flight with British Airways from London Heathrow to Aberdeen transports you from the hustle and bustle of city life to a wild and scenic countryside. Aberdeenshire really does have it all. From Bennachie Mountain, which I’m told is a “pleasantly tough” climb, to an untouched coast, the North East of Scotland genuinely does cater to all.  We ...

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7 Reasons Why Japan Is Amazing For Solo Female Travelers

When choosing a suitable destination to travel to as a solo female, Japan may not be the first place that springs to mind, and that isn’t for any derogatory reason, but simply because there is not enough information out there about precisely how female friendly Japan actually is. Solo female travelers, particularly first timers or relatively inexperienced travelers may opt ...

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WATCH: Viral video BAFFLES internet with mystery man optical illusion – can you guess why?

A viral video captures a baffling optical illusion that has confused users online. The Imgur video, which has since had over 100,000 views, shows a man filming outside a window at a seemingly empty road with two cars parked. As it moves across, it spots something eerily confusing. How the mysterious optical illusion is created hasn’t been confirmed. A man ...

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On A Hike Through Utah's 'Mighty Five,' The Rocks Are Surreal But The Anvils Are Imaginary

Arches. Bryce. Canyonlands. Capitol Reef. Zion. The mere mention of their names evokes images of Technicolor desertscapes, vermilion cliffs and vivid sunsets. They are Utah’s “Mighty Five” national parks. “Is that an anvil up there?” asked my 11-year-old daughter, as we passed under a particularly tall rock just outside our first park. No, the… Travel – Top Destinations, Vacation Ideas

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