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Google Maps Street View captures ‘UFO landing site’ – but actually hides this secret

Google Maps Street View can often hide many baffling secrets around the world. It can also amuse when finding the funny antics of people who love to be on the 360-degree camera. Eagle-eyed viewers have also spotted something very confusing in Poland. Many think it could confirm that aliens exist. Spotted in Krakow, Poland, a huge base with round domed ...

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Pound to euro exchange rate: Sterling RECOVERS but could struggle following Autumn Budget

The pound is currently trading against the euro at €1.126, an increase from last weeks figures of €1.121. It follows on from a steady recovery that saw it increase from €1.116 earlier in the week. Retail sales were reported to have increased by 0.3 per cent in October, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). This was much better ...

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How to make sure you ALWAYS get fed first on flights (and get better quality food)

Flights are not known for having particularly sumptuous meals onboard, with many complaining about the quality of plane food. What can also irritate hungry passengers is the excruciating wait for food as flight attendants must walk along the aisle to serve the food. However, one expert has revealed her tip to make sure you are always served first – and ...

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News: Nisade launches new property, Vale Rusutsu, following World Ski Awards triumph

Hokkaido is already famous for its mountain splendour, and the future of the landscape just got rosier. Fresh from victory at the World Ski Awards, Kamori Kanko and Nisade have announced a partnership that will launch a multi-million-dollar makeover of Rusutsu Resort. As Hokkaido’s largest all-season resort, Rusutsu is beloved for its magical winter skiing and vibrant summer landscapes. Nisade ...

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News: Val Thorens leads winners at 2017 World Ski Awards

Val Thorens has taken the title of World’s Best Ski Resort at the 2017 World Ski Awards. The legendary French resort – the highest in Europe – was the big winner at ski tourism’s event of the year which took place at the five-star A-ROSA Kitzbühel for the fifth consecutive year, welcoming the elite of the ski hospitality industry to ...

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Indonesia: Discover the country's most fascinating wildlife at THESE national parks

While most of Indonesia’s visitors head for Bali, I was instead visiting two of its lesser-known areas – the national parks of Tanjung Puting and Komodo – and some of their famous wildlife. With a country made up of more than 17,000 islands spread over 5,000km, there’s no avoiding having to take internal flights to get between destinations. A good ...

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