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Google Maps Street View captures THIS shocking sight on road in Brazil

Google Maps has unearthed some extremely creepy images from all around the world, from suspected dead bodies to missing person cases. One image captured a murder suspect emerging from a submarine. Eagle-eyed Google fans have also spotted a weird dismembered hand in Brazil. Thankfully, it isn’t as gruesome as it first seems. The Google Maps Street View car has chopped ...

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REVEALED: Cruise worker CONFIRMS this creepy secret about the ship

Cruise ships harbour many secrets that passengers may not be aware of. Crew members have previously revealed some scandalous secrets regarding the goings on between workers and passengers on the ship. It has recently been revealed that they are also able to travel using a secret method. The creepy reveal is sure to surprise frequent cruise travellers. According to James ...

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News: Malaysia Airlines takes delivery of first A350-900 from Air Lease

Malaysia Airlines has taken delivery of its first A350-900, leased from Air Lease Corporation. The carrier becomes the 17th airline to operate the world’s newest, most modern and efficient twin engine widebody airliner. The delivery was celebrated upon arrival at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. ALC receives its first A350-900 out of an order for 29 A350 Family aircraft. Eventually Malaysia ...

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News: Beverly Hills welcomes increase in visitor numbers

Beverly Hills Conference & Visitors Bureau recently updated its visitor profile and economic impact study that measures and tracks tourism’s contributions to the city. The visitor profile study focuses on visitor activity for 2016 and also compares results and trends to 2014 when the study was last conducted. The current study reveals record visitor volume and spending levels with strong ...

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News: British Airways unveils updated website

British Airways’ website has received a make-over that delivers a new look and feel and makes managing bookings, accessing the Executive Club and visiting the site from mobile phones and tablets even easier. The latest features include an easier booking process. It’s even easier to search and book flights and holidays now, with a simplified experience to guide customers more ...

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WATCH: EasyJet engineer uses TAPE to fix a broken plane before it takes off in Amsterdam

Planes will fly millions of miles during their lifetime, meaning they have to be well maintained.  While the average person doesn’t know much about how aircrafts are repaired, you would assume it requires heavy duty materials.  However, this viral video seems to suggest plane repair materials aren’t as sophisticated as you might think. The video, posted this week by a ...

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