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Google Maps: UFO CRASH alien landing discovered in ‘no-fly’ Arizona mountains

Google Maps, created in 2007, is a brilliant platform to spot suspected UFO sightings around the world. One such fascinating sighting is in footage taken from Arizona, which seems to showcase a UFO crash landing.  Situated in the deserted Arizona mountains, the footage shows a mysterious round black shape. Pointed blobs are seen on the top of the suspected spacecraft, in ...

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Flight from HELL: Child screams for eight hours straight on New York bound flight 

Dreams of a peaceful flight where shattered when a three-year old boy described as “demonic” and “out of control” screamed for the entirety of an eight-hour flight. The Lufthansa flight was headed to Newark Liberty International Airport when the incident occurred.  The tantruming toddler was filmed by New York based artist Shane Townley, and a video titled ‘demonic child screams ...

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Plane MIRACLE: How a flight plunged 30,000 feet in three minutes and landed with NO deaths

A flight in 1985 defeated the odds after landing without any fatalities despite an accident in the air. The China Airlines Flight 006 was a non-stop journey from Taipei to Los Angeles when, on February 19, suffered an engine failure. This caused it to freefall for thousands of feet, suffering extreme g-force. But how was the captain able to recover ...

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The Top 10 Destinations To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Every year on March 17 the Irish (and Irish at heart) around the world celebrate the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick. What began as a religious feast day has since evolved into a globally recognized festival, celebrating Irish culture, dancing, singing, food ― and a whole lot of shamrocks, leprechauns and Guinness., the global leader in connecting travelers with ...

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