REVEALED: 2017 is the SAFEST year on record for airlines – yet may just be 'good fortune'

As more flights take to the sky, airline crashes have been falling since 1997, according to Aviation Safety Network (ASN) Harro Ranter. A new investigation by aviation consultants To70 has found that 2017 was the safest year on record. The record also includes the length of time since a fatal passenger jet crash, with almost 400 days passing. Just two… ...

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WATCH: Could this pilot video taken from the cockpit CURE your fear of flying?

Watch as a pilot takes off in this fascinating video which is meant to inform and reassure flyers about what happens during takeoff.  The calming footage shows the smooth process of take off, explaining the procedure and displaying beautiful scenes over London.  The video, posted by British Airways captain Dave Wallsworth, shows an Airbus A380 tak… Daily Express :: Travel ...

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