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Avengers: Infinity War Co-Director Teases ‘Intense Surprises’ And Possible Deaths

Over the last 10 years, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has seen some loses. From Scarlet Witch’s brother Quicksilver to Thor’s mother Frigga to Agent Phil Coulson (he just wanted Steve to sign his Captain America card, sob), we’ve said goodbye to a few heroes, but for the most part, death has evaded the core Avengers. Then again, they haven’t met ...

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Ross Lynch Is Utterly Chilling In The First My Friend Dahmer Trailer

There’s nothing remotely friendly about the first glimpses we have of Ross Lynch as a teenaged Jeffrey Dahmer, but one thing’s for sure: The trailer for My Friend Dahmer succeeds in striking a truly disturbing chord, and Lynch’s portrayal of the young man who would soon become a serial killer is entirely responsible for that. Dahmer’s name is associated with ...

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Thor: Ragnarok Director Taika Waititi Says ‘About 80 Percent’ Of The Film Was Improvised

A critically acclaimed director, screenwriter, and comedian, Taika Waititi is a man of many talents. And now he can add zen life coach to his ever-expanding resume. When MTV News caught up with Waititi following the Marvel Studios presentation at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday (July 22), where his first major Hollywood film, Thor: Ragnarok, debuted a colorful new trailer… ...

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Dunkirk Sails To A Box Office Victory Over Valerian

It turns out that plenty of people are interested in watching Harry Styles fight for his life in a World War II drama while munching on some jam-slathered toast, because Dunkirk is indisputably the champion of the box office for its first weekend out in theaters. The initial predictions for Dunkirk‘s opening draw were modest — estimates maxed out at ...

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