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Film Review: Halle Berry in ‘Kidnap’

“You took the wrong kid!” Halle Berry growls when she finally comes face-to-face with the creeps who abducted her 6-year-old son in “Kidnap,” a tight, effective 100-yard-dash of a thriller that’s as single-minded as the title makes it sound. When she reports the crime to the local sheriff’s office, they tell her to wait. She studies the bulletin board full ...

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The Dark Tower Review

While The Dark Tower may leave a little more to be desired, it’s a pretty strong start to a promising series. Most importantly, it’s a visual spectacle of action and fantasy that leaves the audience wanting more.

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Detroit Review

Bringing together a fantastic young ensemble, each member delivering an utterly gripping performance, it’s a stunning, emotional cinematic experience with a clear statement to make and a powerful delivery.

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