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Turkish Content Producers Embrace Platforms

Though linear TV still reps 80% of local consumption, Turkish originals made for OTT and SVOD play are widely considered key to unlocking new markets and taking the Turkish tube phenomenon to the next level. Just as importantly, these shows employ more compressed storylines and a greater edge. They are seen as the conduit to break out from a free ...

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What's Actually Going To Happen To The MCU After Phase 3?

What might change, however, are the faces who are considered the main Marvel players heading into the post-Avengers 4 time period. There are a handful of MCU characters who will have only had one movie by the time the current MCU story ends. We’d expect characters like Doctor Strange, Black Panther and Captain Marvel to keep getting movies, but we ...

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Watch Brett Eldredge Serenade His Heart Out in His Newest Music Video

Brett Eldredge’s newest single “The Long Way,” from his self-titled album, is steeped in the soft, sunlit imagery of back home—the town someone grew up in, the stories they have there, the way it shaped them. It’s about having a conversation about the past to understand someone’s present. Ironically, Eldredge didn’t write the song for someone he knows, or a ...

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X-Men: New Mutants Could Actually Be A Trilogy

The folks behind New Mutants have very clearly framed it as a horror movie, but it is a specific type of horror movie. Drawing inspiration from claustrophobic supernatural horror films like The Shining (there also seems to be some DNA from Hellbound: Hellraiser II, as well as A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors), the film will kick off ...

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Kevin James Explains Why He Killed Donna on Kevin Can Wait

For the last few weeks, I’ve taken a deeply unhealthy interest in the CBS sitcom Kevin Can Wait. Specifically, I wanna know what happened to Donna. Between Season One and Season Two, Donna was unceremoniously killed off—reduced to a passing ghost on the show, where mentions of her tragic death are shouldered off with jokes about kung fu lessons. We’re ...

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Taylor Swift Films New Video in London (Watch)

Taylor Swift was spied filming a music video at several locations in London over the weekend, according to multiple media reports including The Daily Mail. She was filmed on a double-decker bus, in the back of a black cab, on a bike atop the Millennium Bridge and in a North London kebab shop. In video footage the singer is seen ...

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