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Necrotizing fasciitis cure? Century-old mystery of flesh-eating bacteria SOLVED

Finding a way to treat flesh-eating bacteria has been a 100-year-old mystery. But researchers may have discovered a way to cure the infectious disease, also called necrotizing fasciitis. In a study, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, scientists believe they are a step closer to combating the type of the flesh-eating disease caused by Group ...

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Diabetes risk: Exercise can cause sufferers to have a SEIZURE – but this can prevent it

Scientists have created a new patch that helps diabetes sufferers exercise safely. People with diabetes are encouraged to workout regularly to help them better control their blood sugar. Doing so can also reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease. This is because muscles which are working are using more glucose than muscles when resting. But physical activity for diabetics can also ...

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Eye infections could be detected within minutes by new microchip

The prototype device is able to measure the properties of a single bacteria such as E.coli and pseudomonas at high speed, removing the need to grow cultures in the laboratory or use antibiotic sensitive testing which can take between 48 hours and two weeks to provide results. Engineers have been working alongside ophthalmologists at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust ...

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How much sleep should YOU be getting? Healthy amount 'is better for you than money'

There is a significant gap between those who are living the best and worst in Britain, with sleep quality found to be the strongest indicator of living well, the study by Oxford Economics and the National Centre for Social Research for Sainsbury’s found. Those who are satisfied with their sex lives, have job security and a connection with their community ...

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