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Rheumatoid arthritis symptoms CURED with 'jelly' treatment that STOPS joint pain

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune condition, where the body’s immune system attacks the soft tissue between joints. It can cause excess swelling and joint pain, and affects about 400,000 people in the UK. Researchers created the new treatment to try and absorb some of the fluids around joints which cause the swelling. The jelly-like material focuses on absorbing nitric oxide ...

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Blood pressure: Eating THIS 45p chocolate will lower your heart disease risk

The chocolate contains chemicals called flavanols. Flavanols are thought to widen blood vessels, meaning blood pressure is lowered. The chemicals are found in cocoa products, including dark chocolate. Some fruit are also rich in flavanols, including apples, pears, grapes and blueberries. Research has confirmed the link between dark chocolate and a lower risk of cardiovascular problems, including heart disease. The ...

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Flu symptoms protection: THIS unlikely supplement could boost your immune system  

Flu symptoms are a common winter ailment as temperatures drop and viruses begin to circulate. When it comes to supplements for combating winter illnesses, vitamin C – and more recently vitamin D – come to mind. However, there could be a key area of the body you’re neglecting when it comes to building up your body’s natural defences through diet.  ...

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‘Ridiculously healthy’ elderly have the same gut microbiome as healthy 30 year-olds

In one of the largest microbiota studies conducted in humans, researchers at Western University,Lawson Health Research Institute and Tianyi Health Science Institute in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, China have shown a potential link between healthy aging and a healthy gut. With the establishment of the China-Canada Institute, the researchers studied the gut bacteria in a cohort of more than 1,000 Chinese individuals in a ...

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Cancer warning: Rates of disease increasing in THESE countries – does the UK make top ten?

Cancer affects 14 million people around the world each year, but rates are rising more in some countries over others for a surprising reason. Researchers have discovered that rates are rising in the world’s ‘better’ countries more than the world’s ‘worse off’ countries. A study by the University of Adelaide found that nations with greater access to healthcare – such ...

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