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What having a headache on the LEFT side means – and how to get rid of it

Pain on the left side of the head could be a sign of overusing some medications, infections or bad lifestyle habits, leading health website has claimed. Rebound headaches – often dubbed medication-overuse headaches – are caused when overusing medication designed specifically to treat headaches. Up to 10 per cent of people who believe th… Daily Express :: Health Feed

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Breastfed babies are less likely to have eczema as teenagers, study shows.

Babies whose mothers had received support to breastfeed exclusively for a sustained period from birth have a 54% lower risk of eczema at the age of 16, a new study led by researchers from King’s College London, Harvard University, University of Bristol and McGill University shows. The study, which is published today in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) ...

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New study shows taurine supplements may improve performance recovery

New research recently published in the Antioxidants journal, suggests taurine supplementation taken after exercise, may help improve the rate of muscle recovery. The study, carried out by exercise science PhD student Yanita McLeay, involved testing ten healthy males in Palmerston North, between July and October 2016. Ms McLeay says taurine, a powerful endogenous antioxidant (generated within cells of the human body), has ...

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Interesting facts about Gamma-Aminobutyric acid

The neurotransmitter blocking impulses between nerve cells in the brain is known as Gaba. While this may sound uninteresting, what draws our attention to it is the fact that low levels of Gaba is linked to Epilepsy, Anxiety and mood disorders as well as chronic pain. Another reason it is a notable trend in supplements is this: many people feel ...

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Vitamin D deficiency symptoms: Boost low levels with THESE foods and supplements

Vitamin D deficiency can cause Britons to feel unwell in winter months. Symptoms include more tiredness, more grumpy and unmotivated. Now a study has found that Britons are living a mole-like existence – seeing an average of less than 10 hours of daylight a week during the winter months. The study, of 2,000 workers found that during the winter months, ...

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Is tofu safe? Prostate Cancer UK says more research is needed to confirm soya link

Prostate Cancer UK said more research was needed to confirm the link between prostate cancer and tofu.  A US study, published on 8 November in the International Journal of Cancer, claimed men eating foods rich in isoflavones could be at risk of developing prostate cancer – the UK’s most common cancer in males.  Isoflavones are compounds which are derived from ...

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