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Lyme disease patient goes SEVEN YEARS undiagnosed with 'flu-like' KILLER condition

The NHS “insulted and failed” Adam Lomax, 28, after his GP dismissed his Lyme Disease as flu, he claimed. Lomax was diagnosed with the rare condition, which causes joint pain, heart problems and a bull’s-eye-shaped rash, three months ago. After a friend’s recommendation, he was tested for the disease after his symptoms persisted for almost seven years. Lyme disease affects ...

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Dentist warning: UNNECESSARY antibiotics prescribed by dentists spreading superbug C. diff

The superbug, Clostridium difficile, is directly linked to antibiotic use. The bacteria causes life-threatening diarrhoea, and costs the US $ 1billion in medical costs a year. Some dentists prescribe antibiotics as a preventative against heart infections in patients with heart conditions, rather than to treat infections, said researchers from the Minnesota Department of Health. Fifteen per cent of people with ...

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Arthritis symptoms: Signs you could be SUFFERING from condition

The symptoms include early morning joint stiffness, tiredness, and a general feeling of being unwell, according to investment group Arthritis Research UK. Weight loss, mild fevers, night sweats and skin rashes are also signs of the condition, it added. There are two main types of arthritis; osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis most commonly affects joints are those in the hands, ...

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World’s “better” countries have higher rates of cancer

The world’s “better” countries, with greater access to healthcare, experience much higher rates of cancer incidence than the world’s “worse off” countries, according to new research from the University of Adelaide. Researchers say this is the result of relaxed “natural selection”, because modern medicine is enabling people to survive cancers, and their genetic backgrounds are passing from one generation to ...

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Aussie flu symptoms: Signs you could have KILLER flu

Symptoms of Aussie flu are very similar to normal flu, but cases have been reported as more severe. Sore throats, headaches and fevers are signs of infection, according to the Government of South Australia. Other symptoms include muscle aches, fatigue, sneezing, running noses and coughs. The symptoms usually fade within a week, although the cough and fatigue may last longer. ...

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Pancreatic cancer patients ‘could LIVE LONGER with antibiotics’

Researchers found a chemotherapy drug was being broken down by bacteria which is found in pancreatic cancer. In trials with mice, they found antibiotics could prevent the bacteria from breaking down the chemotherapy drug. The findings could make chemotherapy more effective for “the most lethal of cancers”, they said. “Understanding tumour microbiology will help us improve our existing chemotherapies treatments ...

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